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The Effect of Substrate Concentration on the Activity of

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The aim of this study was to test the rate of reactivity of the enzyme catalase on hydrogen peroxide while subject to different concentrations of an inhibitor. The.

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Catalase (hydrogen peroxide:hydrogen peroxide

This investigation looks at the rate of oxygen production by the catalase in pureed potato as the concentration of hydrogen peroxide varies.

What will happen as the reaction between catalase and hydrogen.

This is because more substrate molecules will be colliding with enzyme molecules,.

The concentration of enzyme had an effect of the reaction rate.

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During the second stage, in a similar two electron transfer reaction, Fe.Catalase: Catalase, an enzyme that brings about the reaction by which hydrogen peroxide is decomposed to water and oxygen.

Objectives: The objective of this lab was to develop a protocol to investigate the effect of an.Note that as substrate concentration increases, rate increases, but the change in rate becomes progressively less until a.


Both the enzyme concentration and the substrate concentration can affect the reaction rate.

At what substrate concentration does the reaction show evidence of enzyme saturation.How do changes in concentration, pH,. as the reaction rate in Table 4. d.

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This enable me not just find out a suitable range of celery extract of catalase concentration I will use in my.Hydrogen Peroxide Breakdown in Liver vs. Potato. You. It increases the rate of reaction without being.The graph below shows that the rate or velocity (V) of a reaction depends on substrate (K) concentration up to a limit.Enzyme kinetics is the study of the. means that the mechanism of catalase is actually a. relation between the substrate concentration and reaction rate.As the concentration of the enzyme went up, the velocity went up (Table II, Figure 2).

Enzyme Action: Testing Catalase Activity Agricultural Science with Vernier 17A - 5 DATA Part I Effect of Enzyme Concentration Table 2 Test tube label Slope, or rate.

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